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Practice Areas

Practice Areas

Patzig Law has experience in a variety of legal issues.  Call us at 757-942-5717 to see how we can help you. Below are some of the more common legal issues addressed.


Family Law

​Whether you have custody and visitation issues or need a divorce, The Law Office of W. Andrew Patzig, PLC is able to assist you in fighting for your parental rights while working to ensure your children are kept out of the parent's issues.


Guardian ad litem

If you have a legal issue and have children, you may likely need a guardian ad litem.  A guardian ad litem (or GAL) is an attorney who represents the child and their best interests.

Criminal Law

Being charged with a misdemeanor or Felony is a scary thing but let our firm help you understand the charges and zealously represent your rights. From traffic tickets to violent crimes, this firm can help you protect your freedom.


Veterans Appeals​

If you are a veteran who has been denied a claim, you have the right to appeal that decision but there is a time limit.

As the son of a military member, Andy Patzig understands and appreciates your service and will fight for you and your benefits!


Estate Planning

Everybody should have a will.  This firm can help with estate planning, oftentimes addressing issues clients hadn't even thought of. 

Whether you need a Will, a Trust, or just a Power of Attorney, our Firm has the legal and personal experience to ensure your estate is protected and safe.


Civil Law

​​Whether you have an issue with a neighbor over their dog or a debt collector over a disputed bill, Patzig Law can help.


Bankruptcy is nothing to be ashamed of but it is complex.  Allow attorney Jennifer L. Ferrara to represent you in the Bankruptcy Court in order to help you get things back on track.

Our office also provides notary services to our clients as well as to the public.


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