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You may have noticed the logo of Patzig Law and wondered what the coat of arms means. Well, allow us to explain.

The Color: Blue was picked because that color stands for truth and loyalty when used in a coat of arms.

The Shield: The symbol of a shield is important because as attorneys we work to protect our clients from people who would use the legal system to do them harm. Whether the other party is a prosecutor or your neighbor, our job and responsibility is to protect your interests from the attacks.

The Sword: In addition to the shield, we have to use vigilance and fight for our clients. We have an obligation to fight injustice or malicious prosecutions. If you look close, you will see the swords have chinks in the metal, that is because we have experience and have fought battles for our clients before.

The Hawk: The upper left image is of a hawk. The hawk is used to represent someone (us) who doesn’t rest until they have achieved their goals.

The Fox: The fox represents a person (us again) who uses their wisdom and wit in their defense.

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