How Can I Relocate with My Child after a Divorce in Virginia?

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How Can I Relocate with My Child after a Divorce in Virginia?

It is common for the custodial parent to seek a new environment for them and their child after a divorce. If you are looking to move away with your child after a divorce, it is recommended that you reach out to a knowledgeable child relocation lawyer who will assist you in the process. If you have any further questions regarding the process, do not hesitate to reach out to our firm today.

Can I relocate with my child after a divorce?

The Commonwealth of Virginia will always put the child’s best interests first when it comes to legal matters concerning children. It is important to brace yourself with the reality that if the court does not believe that a move would be in a child’s best interest, they will not grant the move. To come to a conclusion, Virginia courts will conduct a “best interest” test where they will evaluate various aspects of the move and how it will impact your child. Some of the factors that they will be considering include the following:

  • How involved each parent is in the child’s daily life
  • Whether the move would benefit the child financially
  • Whether the move would bring a child closer to/farther from extended family
  • The reason the custodial parent is requesting the move
  • The reason the non-custodial parent is opposing the move
  • Whether the child will receive better education as a result of the move
  • How the move will impact the child’s social life
  • Who the primary caretaker of the child is

If you are seeking to move with your child after a divorce, it is important that you retain an experienced child relocation lawyer who will assist you throughout this process.

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